Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty Little Candle Holders

I had planned on a blog post about a floor cloth…but life and deadlines got in the way. So, looking around for something else to glue, I spotted some plain glass candle holders sitting on the shelf. They had a simple, smooth shape. Hmmmm?
First, I needed a pattern. I put a piece tape at the lip of the candle holder. Starting with the pencil at the taped edge, I drew a line along the top edge of the holder while rolling the holder across the paper. I ended back at the starting tape edge. Then I measured the depth of the candle holder and decided how wide I wanted my pattern.
With my desired measurement at the pencil line, I marked the second cutting line by moving the ruler and making marks parallel from the first line. I cut along those marks. (If your candle holder is the same diameter at the top and bottom, you would just need to measure the width and length for you pattern. My candle holder was slightly larger at the top than the bottom.)
I wrapped the pattern around the holder and marked the length, leaving a slight overlap, then cut away the excess paper.
Looking through my stash, I chose a beautiful Bali. I decided on a Bali print because it doesn’t really have a “wrong” side and would look good on each side of the glass. I used the pattern to cut the fabric pieces.
I watered down some Aleene’s OK to Wash-It Glue (29977) to a 3 part glue/1 part water ratio. (You really need permanent glue that dries clear and I really like this one for fabrics. Washable school glue is not recommended.)
Using a sponge brush, I applied the glue mixture on the outside of the candle holder. Then I carefully applied the fabric around the candle holder.
After smoothing the edges and ends, I brushed another coat of the glue mixture on top of the fabric. I wiped away the drips of glue with a wet towel and set them in the sun to dry.
Ta Da!
The possibilities are endless! You could use undiluted Aleene’s OK to Wash-It Glue (29977) to add ribbon, cording, buttons, charms, etc! I love the way the Bali looks like stained glass!

And yes, the unfinished floor cloth is in the background awaiting my return.  But first, I think I’ll head for the nearest Goodwill Store and see if I can find some more candle holders to cover!

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