Friday, May 28, 2010

Quilt Blogger's Festival Entry

This is my entry in the 2010 Spring Quilt Blogger's Festival. I made this little quilt at the March 2009 Spring Fling Quilt Camp. It was a great camp that I attended with 15 friends. Kristie drew the little bird...and i put the "rat" running up the side for Colleen. It is made with 2 charm packs and 4 a little applique. Kristie (KristieQuilts) quilted it for me. She did a wonderful job!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pillowcase, Eyeglass Case..and Eli

Eli spent the night last night. We had to make him a pillowcase using Erica's Hot Dog Pillowcase pattern. Ben and Caleb have multiple pillowcases...but they wouldn't share with Eli! We picked out some train fabric from my stash..and some multi-colored bubble fabric. He likes it! We settled in bed with his new pillowcase, popcorn and some 7-up to watch the American Idol and the Dancing with the Stars Finale. Eli likes the dancing. This morning Eli was up bright and early playing with the trains..with the cat watching!

Earlier, I tried making an eyeglass case in the same manner as the business card wallet I had made earlier..not too bad for the prototype. It is make with a piece of clear vinyl, a piece of paper and a snap!

I must get busy...I have to quilt a quilt and finish another quilt top this week. And I have another painting job! Trouble is, I really like reading other blogs! And now, the pool is ready! Must keep on task...must keep on task..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Early Bird Christmas

I found a new blog today. It is called Creative Studios. There Judith (from Australia) is hosting a new group called Early Bird Christmas Crafters.

This is from Judith's blog:

Are you like the rest of us; and are always wishing at Christmas time that you had started making your Handmade gifts earlier; and.......always announce that you are DEFINITELY going to start early next year ????
I don't know how many times I have been caught out at Christmas time, with absolutely nothing in the house that is remotely close to being a finished handmade gift.......and; I get an unexpected visit from a sweet person bearing a gorgeous little "nice to know you" gift !!!

I am always upset with myself and vow that I will have a basket of handmade mini gifts for those unexpected moments for the next year.......mmm......well it hasn't happened yet !!!! SO.......I am determined to do it this year, ARE YOU?????

There are more directions on her site!

Here's my Book! Now I have to find my gift container!

If you looking for ALOT of quick gift ideas, I recommend Totally Tutorials. Check it out1

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Two events happened today that should be recognized!

#1 Ben was promoted from the Toddler's Class to Jr Church!

#2 Eli ate his first TWINKIE! He LIKED it! Couldn't get it into his mouth fast enough.

While sitting in church today, I was looking through my purse for a pen. I spotted my eyeglass case and wondered if I could make one in the same manner as the business card holder I made earlier. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sun is Shining!!! Woo Hoo!

After days of the permacloud and drizzle, the sun is shining. I finished fall pillow store model and am waiting on twill tape for the winter pillow. Papa and I are going to pick up Caleb and head to garden store for vegetable plants for the garden!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh..What a Week!

A week ago I was on my way to Indy with Bj and Ben. We went to see Laura's new house. It was beautiful. Saturday we were off to Richmond to visit Marie, Charlotte and Lisa...Laura and Johnny joined us on Sunday, as did Ian, Emma and Aaron.

Monday morning we were back home and caught the train to Chicago. Me, Marcia, Ben, Caleb and Eli. Ben and Caleb really liked the double decker train!

We went to the Field Museum. We had lots of fun and the boys were really tired by the time we got home.

Tuesday night was Sewing B night. I had a terrible headache and didn't stay long. Cindy won one of the door prizes..a Maxine Fabric Panel. You would have thought she won a million dollars. She said it was better than a million dollars. I doubt that, but I'm glad she liked it.

So, after a long week, a terrible 3 day headache, a bathroom faucet mishap, trips out of town, and working...I will be cleaning and working on THREE projects for the store!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

800 New Bolts of Fabric!

There was quite a commotion in the office yesterday. The new Nancy Halvorsen fabrics came in and the employees and even the CUSTOMERS were coming in the back office to "ooohh and ahhhhh". Nancy Halvorsen will be at Erica's to sign books in August.
I was told that there will be 800-1000 bolts of fabric arriving at the store in the next few weeks! And to top it off, most of it will be Christmas Fabrics! Not Christmas....the year just started. OK...I know it's May, but Christmas?????

All this made me want to come home and play with Caleb. We blew bubbles, Uncle BJ made hamburgers on the grill for lunch, watched a Movie, painted, Pizza for dinner and Caleb topped the evening off with ice cream with cookies, m & m's and chocolate on top!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shop Hop Update....We have some winners!

Cheryl Barnes was notified yesterday that she had won a BIG basket full of goodies from Stitch in Time. Joy got a call that she had won a prize from Jeanette's in Wakarusa and Valerie called me today and told me to come pick up my prize from Stitch in Time. Woo Hoo! Anyone else??????

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Fling Shop Hop

Saturday was great! Lots of laughter and fellowship. Thirteen of us went to 7 fabric stores, did a travel scavenger hunt, had a very nice lunch that included a prize auction. We even managed to pick up over 700 Easter Eggs for $6.10 for next year's hunt at church! There were THREE Cheryl's in the group...which makes for some confusion, but we like it. Either we all answer when called...or none answer. Sheryl S. called last night and said that Joy had been notified by Jeanette's that she had won the prize drawing! Yea!!!

Looks like Michael Jordan is wondering what Joy is going to do with all those eggs!