Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pillowcase, Eyeglass Case..and Eli

Eli spent the night last night. We had to make him a pillowcase using Erica's Hot Dog Pillowcase pattern. Ben and Caleb have multiple pillowcases...but they wouldn't share with Eli! We picked out some train fabric from my stash..and some multi-colored bubble fabric. He likes it! We settled in bed with his new pillowcase, popcorn and some 7-up to watch the American Idol and the Dancing with the Stars Finale. Eli likes the dancing. This morning Eli was up bright and early playing with the trains..with the cat watching!

Earlier, I tried making an eyeglass case in the same manner as the business card wallet I had made earlier..not too bad for the prototype. It is make with a piece of clear vinyl, a piece of paper and a snap!

I must get busy...I have to quilt a quilt and finish another quilt top this week. And I have another painting job! Trouble is, I really like reading other blogs! And now, the pool is ready! Must keep on task...must keep on task..

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