Thursday, May 6, 2010

800 New Bolts of Fabric!

There was quite a commotion in the office yesterday. The new Nancy Halvorsen fabrics came in and the employees and even the CUSTOMERS were coming in the back office to "ooohh and ahhhhh". Nancy Halvorsen will be at Erica's to sign books in August.
I was told that there will be 800-1000 bolts of fabric arriving at the store in the next few weeks! And to top it off, most of it will be Christmas Fabrics! Not Christmas....the year just started. OK...I know it's May, but Christmas?????

All this made me want to come home and play with Caleb. We blew bubbles, Uncle BJ made hamburgers on the grill for lunch, watched a Movie, painted, Pizza for dinner and Caleb topped the evening off with ice cream with cookies, m & m's and chocolate on top!

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