Friday, July 9, 2010

Shipshewana Lunch and Fun Fabric!

I got all my work done early yesterday and my husband and son were going to take me to the lake for lunch. Then...I got a call from my boss. He forgot to do something and needed my lunch at the lake would have to wait. BUT, we did take a shorter drive to Shipshewana and had lunch at the Blue Gate. The rain kept us from walking around a lot but it was a nice time...then back to work.


Mayb I should have had the cheeseburger!

Lots of new fabric is coming into the store. Love Blooms and Get Wild from Hoffman arrived Wednesday. How cute. I bought some to make Ben a sketch book cover. As I walked through the store with the bolts...I had followers! The fabrics are adorable! Not only did I cut fabric for myself...but some for a co-worker and a customer too..and it wasn't even on the floor or web for sale yet!
If you're in the South Bend area, Erica's is having their annual Sidewalk Sale! Lots of bargains! Also, be sure to check out Erica's Blog!

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