Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation: Richmond, IN

Eli's turn...and we took him to Richmond to visit Aunt Ree and Charlotte.

Lunch was at Joe's Pizza.

Richmond is investing in it's historical shops and restaurants. Lots of new stuff.

We drove over to Liberty to the Pohlar Quilt Shop. There is a whole bunch of stuff in this little shop. There was a great sale...but it was outside and the temperature was 93 degrees. We didn't stay long outside, but Eli did find the buttons!

We stopped at the Brookville Lake overlook. Such a pretty place! We hope to bring a picnic lunch over here on the next visit.

Since we didn't have a picnic this time, Charlotte took us to the Ainsley Cafe. We sat on the the shade. There was a great view, a nice breeze and good food. The portions were huge...we only ate half and boxed up the other.

On the way home we ran into a brief shower and a rainbow appeared. Eli really liked the rainbow. Vacations are toooo short!

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