Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend!--Saturday

Little boys are precious. Caleb spent the night. After breakfast we broke open a new package of watercolor paints. He liked that! Of course we had to go buy picture frames for his art work!

Later we were off to "other grandma and grandpa's" for a little bike riding. Caleb I didn't get to go together...rain changed our plans.

Caleb rode bikes while I ran out to the church. I took a few pictures of the banner we made for Easter Sunday Service. I don't think it took as long for us to paint them as it did the poor guys to hang them!

Last weekend was the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had 187 kids for 5000 eggs. It was a good time. I painted the photo-op and it was fun to watch the kids get their pictures taken!

Topped off my little boy "fix" by giving Eli a haircut. He didn't seem to happy about the haircut...but he did sit still!

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