Thursday, April 1, 2010


April Fool's Day seems appropriate to start a least for me!

Through this new endeavor I hope to change my neon beige world into a more colorful environment. Rainbow Colors! Those are the colors that are in Ben and Caleb's world. Ben is 5 years old and Caleb is 3 years old. They have a little brother Eli, who is soon to be 2. I'm sure Eli will like the Rainbow Colors too! Those little boys are a joy of my life.

My first challenge is 30 bags in 40 Days. I need to purge....and purge a lot. Too much stuff in this old house! I can't bring in the Rainbow in all this clutter. I challenge myself to bag up 30 bags of stuff to trash or donate in the next 40 days. Now, I know others have taken on this challenge to 30 Bags to 30 Days...but I know myself. I have to allow myself some slack. I have to have time to play with the boys!

Speaking of....I have a date with Caleb! We are going to go see How to Train Your Dragon! It's going to be fun. You know he'll have to have a big tub of popcorn! He's soooo cute. And so observant. For a little guy that has an eye problem, he makes sure he see's everything! He comments on other's new clothes and shoes and even notices when the little ceramic turtle in the garden is moved.

I hope to post things I've done, things I want to do, things I'm working on, free patterns, free items and items for sale.I' m not sure of the direction this project is going.....but I hope it is a fun ride!

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