Sunday, April 18, 2010

No sewing today..too many boys around here.

Ben and Caleb came home from church with me today. It was Caleb's turn, however he invited Ben along. Caleb proabably regrets asking Ben. They are tooooo competitive!

BJ put the Tag Along kids bike on the back of my bike. We went riding this afternoon. The boys wanted to keep going...and going...and going. Pa Pa and I had to give up and bribe them with kites and ice cream.

Pa Pa gave me a break after I took each boy on a couple of rides apiece.

Caleb rode along on the tag along without pedaling...he's legs wouldn't reach well enough to pedal. When Ben got used to the tag along, he started pedaling and it was like having a motor on my bike. That was pretty nice!

The wind wasn' the greatest for flying kites, but we had fun.

Pa Pa gave Ben lessons on how to watch Baseball then painting rounded out our day. I'm tired!

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  1. Great pics!!! That tag a long is very snazzy. :)