Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Last Supper Quilt

Yesterday, while at Shipshewana, I took a photograph of this beautiful quilt at Lolly's. If you ever get a chance to go see this quilt, do so. It is amazing. The store gave me the story of the quilt:

"I teach second grade at Harrison Christian School, Goshen, Indiana. Two years ago I decided to have a class project going to help teach the students the value of serving others. I wasn't sure at first what that project could be. About that time I had purchased a book entitled Water Color Quilts. I was fascinated by the different pictures you could make using different colors and prints of fabric.
This led me to thinking about making a wall hanging and one thought led to another. Could I do something like this with my students? Surely they could glue the squares on the tear away canvas if they had symbols to match. I remember asking my daughters if I was crazy to even think of doing such a huge project with second graders. I like challenges so I decided to go for it. I used a counted cross stitch chart to know where to place my symbols when I marked the tear away canvas. My husband build me a long narrow bin with dividers to hold all the different colored fabric squares used in the wall hanging. I told the students that they could glue squares on if they arrive to school early or any time during the day when they finished their work early. By Christmas we were half finished with it. I hadn't told the students what picture we were making but by then they had guessed it was The Lord's Supper. We had every panel finished by March and were able to display it at our last parent-teacher meeting. With over 17,000 squares to glue on I was worried the children would tire of their job, but I didn't hear any complaining! I took panels home and sewed them together in the evening and on Saturday. There were 16 panels in all. Each square was 1 inch before it was sewn." --Arlene Shaum

The clerk at the store added that the quilt was made for a charity auction. God Bless Mrs. Shaum and her 2nd grade class and Lolly's for purchasing this wonderful quilt and putting it on display for all to see.

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  1. Hey, love your blog!!! I am your first follower, how exciting! :) Gorgeous quilt, (I saw it while I was in my pajamas he he). So kind of you to share the story. Looking forward to lots of great posts! :)