Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a Day Yesterday! Looking Forward to Today!

Wow, yesterday was so jam packed that I am still exhausted. April 2ND was our 33rd Anniversary!
Of course we both had to work...but Bruce a lot more than me.

I went to work and put up the Frolic Fabric line by Sandy Gervais/Moda on the website. I really like these fabrics and will probably HAVE to have some. We have soooo much new fabric coming in the doors that we don't have enough room to put it out on the floor. Jolly Jungle is on the back shelf just is sooooo cute, if someone has a new baby to sew for!

Speaking of new babies...Darlene's new granddaughter Penelope arrived this week!
My shelves were clean...all items online, so I left work early. I went to the inlaws and helped BJ tape off some kitchen cabinet doors for refinishing...stopped off at Wally World to buy my NEW Bike. It's THE Red Point Beach Cruiser. Bruce gave me the $$ for this bike for Chrismtas and finally the weather is warm enough to ride! BJ tweaked it and added a odometer. I hope the rain holds off today and Caleb and I can go for a ride.

BJ and I meet some friends for lunch...Mary, Pete, Anna Marie, Becky, Dolly, Heather and her boyfriend Ty. I'm pretty sure Pete had Heather and Ty engaged to be married by the time lunch was over. It was a great time...lots of catching up and laughter. We stopped at Meijer for lettuce and tack cloth and ended up spending $75. I need to stay away from that store!

We were only home for a little while when Bruce pulled in the driveway with Caleb in the back seat. It was date night. Caleb chased bubbles while Pa Pa showered. Lots of giggles!!

BJ decided to join us for our date at the last minute. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon 3D. It was great. I was sceptical about paying the extra $12 for the 3D but was glad we did. At one point there were people with their hands in air looking to see if the the falling items were real or on was neat. Caleb told Pa Pa he needed pizza after the we headed to Barnaby's. It was a good date! Happy Anniversary to us!

Stephanie posted this recipe on facebook. It sounds yummy.

Orange Smoothies!
The kids and I LOVE these - got the recipe out of a cookbook I have and they taste just like an orange julius

1 can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 cup milk
1 cup water
2 cups ice
1 tsp vanilla

mix in blender - makes about 4-6 servings. I make them this way and then freeze the leftovers ( also made popcicles out of it)...then the next day I put it back in the blender with 1 pear yogurt, some frozen strawberries and/or bananas....I have also used the same recipe only with other juices.....Dole strawberries breeze ( minus the vanilla) was AMAZING ....experiment a little..Add a little ice cream for super yummy!

I came across this interesting story on truckers quilting and knitting...check it out: Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching
With Less to Haul, Drivers Try New Hobbies; Quilting in the Cab

Today Caleb and I will try this!

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